Nima Salimi & Batch+

Posted by | March 01, 2012 | Batch+, Tips & Tricks | No Comments

The fellas at Code and Hustle have completely streamlined my workflow with Batch+! A simple and easy to use script that allows you to batch your actions with no errors and a beautiful navigation make this my go to script for finishing up my files. I no longer have to create a new master action for a specific set no matter what the lighting situation is! I can create my own recipe for any specific scenario and I’m done. The interface is extremely easy to navigate and that’s not even my favorite part of the script. As my photos are being batched with a specific recipe they’re getting resized for my blog, ipad, portfolio as many resize options as you need in one step. If you want to spend less time behind the computer and more time out enjoying life pick this script up!

See Nima’s incredible wedding and portrait work, and how he uses Batch+ to take control of his workflow on his blog

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