Storyboard 1.3 Update

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Head on over to the updates site to get the latest and greatest update for Storyboard:

What’s New

  • NEW: Support for horizontal blogs (enabled in the Advanced Settings file)
  • NEW Support for storyboarding multilayer PSD files
  • NEW: A feature that checks for compatible settings and deletes them if they are incompatible.
  • NEW: Batch resizing of individual images is now triggered with just the shift key (previously shift + option/alt)
  • FIX: A bug where Smart Layouts were not working with non administrator Windows user accounts
  • FIX: Typos in the advanced settings file
  • FIX: A bug that caused the compiler warning message to show up repeatedly in loop mode
  • FIX: An issue where a warning message would prevent you from batch processing of a large number of individual images
  • IMPROVED: The processing of multiple individual images is
    more compatible with image reordering
  • IMPROVED: The “Cancel” button on the reorder window now cancels the storyboard creation
  • IMPROVED: Renamed the “Cancel” button on the Smart Layout popup

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