Batch+ User Guide


After downloading Batch+ you must copy the whole Batch+ folder into your Scripts folder!

Mac OS X:

/Applications/Photoshop (CS3 or CS4 or CS5)/Presets/Scripts/


C:Program FilesAdobePhotoshop (CS3 or CS4 or CS5)PresetsScripts

and if running a 64-bit version of Windows:

C:Program Files (x86)AdobePhotoshop (CS3 or CS4 or CS5)PresetsScripts

After copying a script to this folder you’ll need to Quit and then Restart Photoshop before the script appears in the File > Scripts menu.

Getting Started

Adding Actions



History Snapshots

Interactive Batching


Batch Recovery

Keyboard Shortcuts

Pausing & Stopping

Putting It All Together

Batch+ Actions

Installing the Batch+ action set is optional, but should make opening Batch+ much easier. In your actions palette, click the little arrow on the top right and choose Load Actions. Navigate to where your Batch+ action file is located and press open! Your Batch+ actions are ready to use. Conversely, you can try double clicking on the Batch+ action file to load it.

Some Workflow Tips

*Use Batch+ to apply a consistent look to a whole wedding or portrait shoot. Save the images as high res, web sized and sized for your blog all at once.

*The sky is the limit when it comes to batching. Batch+ provides the tools for you to cook up the craziest recipe to save for your own studio’s workflow

*Use Interactive Batching to prepare a whole folder of images for selective retouching. Have Batch+ load up each image 1 by 1, run the actions of your choice, pause for retouching, and then continue with the remaining workflow steps.

*Batch+ is not just for wedding and portrait photographers. Use Batch+ to apply mass edits across a whole folder of images, whatever they may be!

*Cook up a custom recipe that saves your images in both colour and black and white to give to your client. Batch+ will automate the complete process for you. Hands off means more time doing fun stuff

*You always have the option to stop, pause or resume a batch that is in progress.