Facebook Photo Optimizer – Version 2.0

Facebook Photo Optimizer

Facebook Photo Optimizer


Over the weekend we rolled out an update for our free and popular script for optimizing your photos for Facebook. The major changes include the following:

  • New High Resolution Option – We’ve done a lot of experimenting over the last year or so on uploading different sized images to Facebook and have had great luck with uploading images that are 1800px on the longest side. So that is now an option in FPO.
  • Quick Save – A new feature that allows you to quickly save the photo you are currently working on to a predefined folder. We’ve found this to be very handy for one-off images.
  • Helper Actions – We’ve included a few helper actions with the script now. One for sharpening photos for Facebook (Photoshop CC and above) and another to launch the Quick Save script.

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