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Code & Hustle were proud and honoured to be sponsors of the incredible Adventure & Story workshop in Iceland hosted by Levi Tijerina and Geneoh Photography. These guys are incredible photographers and it was a no brainer for Code & Hustle to become involved with a workshop of this calibre. Here is a summary of the workshop from its organizers and a bit of info on what you can expect from future Adventure & Story workshops; Levi also shares some good karma about Code & Hustle and how he uses Storyboard:

“I don’t think Gene or I knew what we were getting ourselves into when we launched this workshop. We had fleshed out these ideas before in a previous workshop, but when comes to talking about branding, travel, destination work, experience, etc. and bringing that experience to a whole other country—well, it leaves a lot of things open ended. But I think that’s exactly what photographing destination weddings is like. You kind of show up and go with the flow as you experience and shoot in new places, meet new people, and engage new cultures. The workshop went amazing. We had incredible people from all over the US, Canada, and Iceland meet us in Reykjavik and we talked openly and honestly about our experiences with weddings, storytelling, running a business, personal wins and losses—the whole gamut. I was shocked at how receptive and open to learning everyone was. We wanted to have a dialogue with people, not just a monologue giving off information. Everyone really engaged and it was really a communal effort to help each by answering questions, talking through our businesses, and encouraging each other along the way. The topics we covered are things that both Gene and I are passionate about. We talk heavily on storytelling, branding, and destination weddings. We cover some more nitty-gritty topics like SEO as well as some more “practical” topics, like addressing how we pose people, how we use our photos to tell stories, and how we run our businesses on a day-to-day level.

We had amazing sponsors, of which Code & Hustle was one of them. I was stoked to have Code & Hustle alongside because Storyboard literally changes everything when it comes to telling stories online via blogs. And I sincerely mean that. It’s an integral part of my workflow and I can’t tell you how excited I am for Storyboard 3 and the SEO options that comes with it. I think it’s a game-changer when it comes to software and it’s something we share with our attendees because we think it’s something that everybody should be using if they want to use their photography for visual narratives. We were blown away by the response we had to Adventure & Story, so we launched another workshop, which is set for April 28-29 in Edinburgh, Scotland. We’re also launching a Fall date for another one here in North America, in Minneapolis. We’re excited about this workshop. It’s something we think is unique as it approaches the topics of destination weddings and storytelling head on. It’s not about gimmicks or beating-around-the-bush. It’s about honest conversations on how to grow your business and to encourage people to find new ways to hustle. We’re excited about where it’s going”

What did some attendees have to say about the Adventure and Story workshop? “The Adventure & Story workshop contained everything I needed to hear while in the process of rebranding my business. Levi and Gene have valuable wisdom to share that has come from experience, and these guys know how to tell a good story.Through many mini sessions we discussed topics like vision and identity, and the importance of your role as a storyteller. I left knowing what steps I needed to take in growing my business, and inspired and excited about taking photos that reflect the identity that I believe in.”

Take a look at some photos of how the workshop went down:










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