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Posted by | January 11, 2013 | Storyboard, Tips & Tricks | 4 Comments

We call this feature full width batching and it’s our personal favorite tip for speeding up your blogging workflow with Storyboard.

If you are like us and your blogs feature a lot of full width images (one image per row/storyboard), this feature will save you a ton of time. With the standard Storyboard workflow if you had 10 full width images in a row that you wanted to blog, you’d have to storyboard each image one at a time. That could be a lot of clicking if you have a lot of images in your blog post.

With this feature you just select the 10 images you want full width and then hold the shift key when clicking the ‘Open’ or ‘OK’ button on the window that asks you for images to storyboard. It will then batch each file individually, running actions and saving them in proper order.

This feature also works with the reordering feature outlined in a previous post so that you can control the order they are saved/named. Just hold the shift and option/alt key when selecting images.

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