Storyboard Workflow : Our Approach

Hey guys, check out this video we made on a ‘complete’ Storyboard workflow. It shows the whole process from Lightroom to Photoshop and then to awesome looking Storyboard’s. It clocks in at around 12 minutes, so sit down – grab your favourite beverage and get ready to increase the size of your brain!

About David MacVicar

David is our customer relations & tech support specialist. He is a wedding photographer from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

  • Solid post Dave.

  • Great post. However one question: after exporting from Lightroom you let the images go through a first action. And you use a second action when using storyboard. Wouldn’t it be much faster and easier when you combine both in one action at the end of the road?

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your post! Storyboard only runs the action (chosen from the Storyboard configuration) AFTER the image has been resized down to the web size, so for this reason its ideal for web sharpening. I prefer to do all my processing and photoshop on my high res files, and then just have Storyboard do the resizing and sharpening for the web!

      • Indeed, makes perfect sense. If I did understand it right in your video, you do are sharpening your photo twice? This doesn’t ever give you unexpected (too sharp) results? So far, I try to limit the times a file (especially jpeg) gets saved during my workflow (or use tiff instead). But maybe it doesn’t really matter if you are only exporting for web…

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I sharpen the full res file when I am finished retouching it and this would be considered my ‘master’ file or jpeg. Even though it has already been sharpened, any image that is downsized to a smaller pixel value usually needs some sort of sharpening to counteract the resizing. I usually run a web sharpening action that is something like 70-75% opacity

  • Jesslaine Elise

    this was super helpful! i’m in love with this new discovery, going to save me some big time headaches!

    • Anonymous

      Awesome Jesslaine! If you need any help, just let us know 🙂

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