The de-facto blogging tool for photographers.

Fully featured, highly customizable.

Designed with speed and flexibility in mind, Storyboard makes blogging fun again.

Built for Photoshop

Uses the powerful and trusted Photoshop engine for the best possible image quality.

Storyboard Designer

Build your blog post top to bottom using the new drag-and-drop Storyboard Designer.

Smart Layouts

Auto-detects the right sequence of images and gives you two horizontals stacked beside a vertical image.

Lightning Fast

We’ve built Storyboard to be the fastest way to prepare your images for blogging.


Apply a custom watermark to your storyboards, either automatically or by manually placing it where you need it.

Highly Configurable

Storyboard works with any blog size, any number of images, and any image size.

SEO Add-on *

Quickly set ALT tag descriptions and filenames as you build your blog post. Learn more

Droplet (Mac only) *

Drag images from Lightroom, Photo Mechanic, Finder, etc onto the droplet to create your blog posts. Learn more

* This is a premium add-on, available for purchase on our store. View all add-ons.

What is Storyboard?

It’s simple and easy to use script for Photoshop that makes laying out images on your blog the fastest thing since a cheetah on steroids! No more using templates, resizing and dragging photos around. Storyboard does this all automagically with just one click.

How does it work?

Think of a blog post as a series of rows. Rows, or “storyboards”, can have one, two, three or more images in them are built by simply opening files. These rows can then be optionally compiled together to for a larger composite image.

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"We value time more than anything. Storyboard's intuitive design gives us exactly that."

Nordica Photography

"I actually can't imagine life without storyboard! Seriously! It instantly gave me back invaluable time allowing me to be more productive while spending less time on the computer. Creating stronger stories and sharing my work has never been easier. Hands down some of the best value software I've purchased."

− Jesse Hisco

"I've never been so excited to blog a wedding. I'm a visual person, so I need to see the post laid out and am always rearranging images --doing that in WordPress was a nightmare and horribly time consuming. Storyboard makes it an absolute dream. Couldn't live without it now."

− Shauna Heron

Full Feature List

Main Features

  • Uses the powerful and trusted Photoshop engine for the best possible image quality.
  • Storyboard Designer: Build your blog post visually using drag-and-drop from inside of a web browser.
  • Smart Layouts: Auto-detects the right sequence of images and gives you the option to do a slightly fancier layout (two horizontals stacked beside a vertical image)
  • Apply a custom watermark to your storyboards, either automatically or by manually placing it where you need it.
  • On-the-fly cropping lets you get creative with your layouts
  • Batch resize a bunch of full width images in one go
  • Build storyboards with any number of images
  • Works with any image size and/or orientation – vertical, horizontal, square – mix and match!
  • Easily re-order your images before they are saved
  • Images are saved using the Save For Web engine, so files sizes are at their smallest
  • Run actions before your blog images save (perfect for sharpening)

Fast and Easy

  • Incredibly fast workflow
  • Storyboard is fully automated and is ‘hands off’ – no more lining up blog storyboards by hand or using guides.
  • Build storyboards row by row to use on your blog that way, or compiler rows together to create a single, larger, image.
  • Enable “Loop Mode” so Storyboard will prompt you to keep creating boards (super fast workflow)
  • Automatically save the storyboard to the folder of your choice, or leave it open to tweak!
  • Dedicate speed settings inform Storyboard so it can ask you fewer questions and automate your layouts

Premium Add-ons

  • SEO: Quickly set ALT tag descriptions and file names as you build your blog post
  • Advanced Cropping: More cropping options for settin aspect ratios of each image that you want to crop
  • Droplet (Mac OS X only): A new way to build Storyboards from apps outside of Photoshop (Lightroom, Photo Mechanic, Finder)

Highly Configurable

  • Works with any blog size
  • Easily configure the spacing between images to match your blogging brand
  • Works with any blog background color
  • Enable “Archive Mode” to move already used images into a subfolder of your choice
  • Works with horizontal scrolling blogs too
  • Save all your settings as a recipe in the case you use Storyboard in more than one way

Other Features

  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X
  • Advanced options for power users
  • Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6 & the latest Creative Cloud are all supported.
  • Launch Storyboard with our free included action set
  • Dedicated customer support

Have questions about how Storyboard works or what it can do? Read the FAQ

Screenshots + Videos


What’s New in Storyboard 3.0

December 10, 2014


Storyboard Designer Demo

December 03, 2014


Storyboard SEO Demo

December 03, 2014


Droplet Demo

December 03, 2014


Advanced Cropping Add-on Demo

December 03, 2014


Storyboard SEO Window

December 02, 2014

Fullscreen_2014-12-02__11_07_AM 2

Advanced Settings

December 02, 2014

Fullscreen_2014-12-02__11_07_AM 3

Watermarking Settings

December 02, 2014


General Configuration

December 02, 2014

Fullscreen_2014-12-02__11_06_AM 2

Saving Configuration

December 02, 2014


Advanced Configuration

December 02, 2014


Storyboard Options Window

December 02, 2014


Storyboard Reorder Window

December 02, 2014


Storyboard Designer

December 02, 2014

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